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Applications First time applicants All students wishing to enroll with the IoB for the Certificate in Banking must remove and complete the application/registration form included in the center of this prospectus. The form requires the prospective student to complete: Section A: with personal particulars – as per a certified copy of your identification document which you must attach Section B: details of your employer, if applicable. Section C: indicate which exam centre you would most likely write the examinations at as well as your home town. Section D: You are requested to mark which subjects you wish to register for. Indicate if you have applied to the NSFAF for a loan and enter reference number and attach letter of approval. Section E: you need to complete the section on your Grade 12 or higher education results and attach certified copies of the appropriate certificate and other post matric academic achievements. You are also requested to advise the IoB should you have any disability of other health matters that the IoB staff need to be made aware of, This completed form must be delivered, either personally or mailed, to reach the IoB offices by 10 February 2017. e-mailed or hand delivered application forms will be accepted. Registration will take place as from 06   February 2017. Once accepted the application will be advised of the amount to be deposited (see page 10 of this prospectus) into the IoB bank account at the Bank of your choice... Old student please be informed that you need to settle your student account for 2016 before the registration date. Only on providing proof of payment will your books and student card be handed or mailed to you. Continuing study applications/Registration All students wishing to continue studying with the IoB for the Diploma or advanced Diploma in Banking must also remove and complete the application/Registration form as above but you are not required to complete section E. The application must deposit (see page 10 of this prospectus) the correct amount into the IoB bank account at the Bank of your choice; on providing proof of the deposit your books and student card will be handed. The application for new students has been extended to the 10 February 2017, please hurry up, there is still place available.
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